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Trash Services

The City of Highland contracts with Burrtec Waste Industries, Inc. for the residential and commercial refuse collection program. The program is designed to efficiently collect trash, recyclables, and green waste and to assist the City in meeting mandated diversion goals established by the State of California.

Residential Trash and Recycling Collection Program
Solid Waste Program Fee FAQ
Burrtec Waste Franchise Agreement
Current Solid Waste Program Fees

City of Highland is mandated by the State of California to provide refuse collection every seven (7) days, therefore refuse collection services are MANDATORY.

Each Single Family residence is provided three (3) 95-gallon carts, one for trash, one for recycling and one for green waste. For those residents who qualify for the Senior Citizen Rate, the trash cart will be 65-gallon. All trash, recycling and green waste must fit inside of the container with the lid closed. Extra bags, boxes, cans of trash or recycling left at the curb will not be collected.

Containers MUST be placed at the curb for service by 6am the day of collection to ensure service. Containers must be removed from the curb within 12 hours after collection. Between collection days residents are encouraged to store carts on your property, either in garages or behind fences.

Residential Collection Rates
Standard Service $26.64 per month
Senior Service $21.31 per month*
*"Senior Citizen Rates" are equivalent to a twenty percent (20%) discount to the individual that meets the following criteria:
    a. Over Sixty (60) years of age
    b. Residing as head of household
    c. Single Family residence only
    Note: Proof of items a-c is required

Additional Special Service Rates
1. Additional Carts shall be billed the following per month per cart:

    Refuse (trash) $8.47
    Greenwaste $4.23
    Recycle $2.12

Note: If a resident requires an additional Cart, they must keep it for at least four (4) months. If the resident decides to return the cart prior to the required four (4) month period they will be charged a $20.00 restocking fee.

2. If the refuse hauler is required to return to a residence to service the carts due to carts not being placed out for pick-up by the designated time (6am), the account will be charged a ten dollar ($10) trip charge.

3. If a resident requests a cart to be replaced that is not damaged or a cart to be cleaned, the account shall be charged a twenty dollars ($20) fee.

Effective September 2018, you will no longer receive an invoice from Burrtec Waste Industries for your trash and recycling barrel collection services. Your annual property bill will now include the amount for trash and recycling services.

Bulky Item Pick Up
In the City of Highland each resident is allowed a free curbside pick-up four (4) times a year and up to five (5) items per collection. If additional services are required, there will be a $10.00 charge per item in excess of five (5) items, and/or if an additional trip must be scheduled, there will be a trip charge of $35.00. Call Burrtec Waste Industries, Inc. at 909-889-1969 and schedule your four free pick-ups anytime during the year.

Refuse Exemption Programs
Vacant Property Refuse Exemption
Owners of residential properties which have been vacant for at least ninety (90) days may apply for an exemption from mandatory refuse collection. The property owner must file a request for an exemption, it cannot be done by the tenant. Exemptions are good for six months from the date of issuance. It is the property owner's responsibility to renew the exemption should the property remain vacant after the six month period.

Application Process:
Step 1: Fill out an application. Application information includes the following questions:

Step 2: Attach proof of vacancy to application. A copy of a utility bill (gas, water or electric) is required as proof of vacancy, if there are utilities on. If utilities were disconnected, then a copy of a closing statement (gas, water or electric) is required. If utilities have never been established, staff will verify that with one of the utility agencies.

Step 3: Include $35 Administrative fee.
Note: Applications will not be processed without proof of vacancy and the fee.

Vacation Exemption
A vacation exemption shall be granted to a property owner for an anticipated vacation of thirty (30) days or longer. The property owner is required to notify Public Services Division staff of the anticipated vacation by filling out an application and pay the $35 administrative fee. Proof of vacancy is required for each month that the property owner was on vacation and the property was vacant. Applications will be put on a hold status until the property owner has returned from vacation and has provided proof of vacancy.

For more information on the refuse exemption programs or to acquire an application, please contact the Public Services Division at 909-864-8732 ext 271.