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Refuse Liens

What is a refuse lien?

A refuse lien is the amount of delinquent trash service fees, plus additional processing and administrative fees from the City, County, and Trash Company that are attached to the property owners property taxes.

If the trash company has been unsuccessful in collecting past due trash collection fees from a property owner, they will assign the account to the City for collection.

If this occurs, the City will mail the property owner a Notice of Past Due Charges. The Notice contains the date of a Special City Council Lien Hearing to hear any objection or protests of the property owners listed in the delinquent account report submitted by the trash company.

Who has authority to attach a refuse lien on a property?

In accordance with the City's Waste Management Ordinance, the City Council is given the authority to attach delinquent trash fees to a property owner's tax roll.

How is a refuse lien removed from my property

Since the lien is attached to the property tax roll, it is collected for the City at the same time and in the same manner as county property taxes. Therefore, the lien can only be removed when the property taxes are paid in full to the County.

How can I prevent the City from attaching a refuse lien on my property taxes?

To have your name removed from the delinquent account report, you must clear your trash collection account with the trash company prior to the Lien Hearing.

If you have paid the delinquent charges and feel you have received a City Notice in error, please contact your trash company for resolution. You are not obligated to attend the Lien Hearing, if you have cleared your refuse account with the trash company.

For further information on refuse liens, please contact the following representatives:

If your trash company is Burrtec Waste Industries, please call (909) 889-1969.
For further assist, please call Melissa Morgan at (909) 864-8732, Ext. 230.